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Legislative instability and harmonization of the Romanian fiscal legislation to European norms cause problems whose clarification is absolutely necessary. Tax advice covers all important aspects for a good development of a business activity. Necessary to provide tax advice for reducing taxation, offering you up to date with all the variations which the law allows them to increase profits.

Services offered by our company include:

• Income tax (general rules, rates, calculation of taxable income, tax, date of payment, income tax statement);
• Income tax: the scope of income tax categories of income subject to income tax, dividend tax (rates, payment deadlines, reporting), the definition of wages, determining monthly tax income - wages, tax payment period, the annual adjustment of income tax, file tax, income statement and statements overall special
• Tax revenues from non-residents in Romania: the scope, taxable incomes obtained in Romania, due to the non-resident with holding tax, tax, statements;
• Local taxes: general rules, tax calculation, payment terms, statement), building and land tax, tax on vehicles, other local taxes;
• Value-added: the scope of taxable persons, taxable transactions, event, chargeability, territoriality, tax bases and tax rates, assessment, regulation and reimbursement, invoices, payment term, the VAT.
• Consultancy on foreign exchange regulations, import and export operations, custom code, avoiding double taxation, international transactions.
• Reports and tax review aimed to identify and clarify the tax liabilities of companies including identification of any specific tax liabilities (environmental, automotive, special taxes and permits, recycling, etc.) before they become a problem for the company.
• Identify alternative fiscal strategies and legal solutions in function of the specific companies.
• Assistance in tax disputes with the authorities.
• Legal solutions to the repatriation of profits, tax solutions to maximize investments.
• Specific issues related to harmonization with EU legislation.

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