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Financial Accounting

Registration covers all operations and transactions affecting the economic agents, measuring variations to which it is subject calculation and explanation of financial performance, summary financial statements, documents the external environment must provide true and retrospective of the firm's position.

Financial Accounting Services:

• Profits tax or income tax micro-enterprises, as appropriate, in drafting and filing legal deadlines;
• Dividend-tax calculation, preparation and filing of tax on dividends;
• The calculation of income-tax non-resident individuals and legal entities;
• Preparation of VAT return and submitting it in legal terms;
• Consolidation of balances for groups of companies and their translations into balance;
• Preparation of other statements or reports, required by legislation;
• Preparation of external accounting reports, if required by a specific activity partners, suppliers and external customers;
• Specific works for public participation in the auction bids;
• Periodically, information on economic and financial management of the company;
• Permanent and timely management of the company on tax regulations and accounting;
• Periodic information on tax law changes relating to the recipient's activity;
• Check-participation at the accounting bodies authorized by law to make financial and fiscal controls;
• Preparation of credit files, lease files;
• Getting tax certificates, attestations;
• Making scores with financial administration.

Management Accounting

Management accounting provides detailed analytical information on the factors of production efficiency. The management accounting cost of production is determined by product, or service work (P, L, S), the cost responsibility centers, cost of various functions, the analytical results (the product or service and work centers). It provides economic information expressed both in units of currency and monetary (physical).

Management Accounting Services:

• World-record-value, quantity-value, as appropriate, and prepare analytical balance of stocks;
• Develop the trial balance and analytical balances;
• Drawing-provided by law accounting journals: Journal Register, Inventory, General Ledger Register;
• Evidence of analytical and synthetic-customers, suppliers;
• Record fixed assets, depreciation calculation.

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